innovative interiors

It starts with your idea

Sustainability is the heart of Innovative philosophy. Organic business growth, natured by progressive technological innovation. Ecologically friendly materials, synthesised into trendsetting products with green features. With complementary business cores – residential property projects, interior fitting-out and distribution under one group, Innovative offers holistic product designs complete with efficient
solutions and services to both local and international clients.

We create it together

Every Innovative member aligns to the fact that we work to deliver the clients’ dream. All our projects understand our client’s requirements, tastes and we provide the right suggestions. This ensures that our clients are proud of their property and cherish for a lifetime.


Innovative has a broader and larger vision to create a new trend on design and products. To become the industry leading interior fit-out company that provides innovative and creative solutions to meet our client’s needs. Our vision has been the core of our history and cultural value of design which is still the master key for our prospects. Satisfies any requirements in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.


To be a reputable, sustainable, and desirable premier luxurious interior design firm of the global and Indian market place providing the state-of-the-art innovative designs and superior quality finishing. We will continue to leverage on our many years of professional experience to consistently deliver exclusive design services that bring a complete satisfaction of our partners and clients requirements.


Honest and transparent processes from start to finish. Committed to providing the best of the best of designs. Viewed as a high profile reputable corporation. We deliver our promise. Aim to deliver Excellence. A cohesive and positive team environment working towards a common goal. Consistent value creation across our human, financial and social capital in our business. Full and accurate specifications are sent to our joinery.

OUR process

Measurement & Planning

We will start choosing the layout, equipment, colors, and finishes.


We will start choosing the layout, equipment, colors, and finishes.

Ordering and Installation

Once the Interior design is agreed, full and accurate specifications are sent to the our joinery