Plan C is an architecture and interior design firm that offers design, management and contracting services. The firm is based out of Adyar, Chennai and is headed by Architect Alex Thomas and Architect Meera Yasmin. Alex Thomas, a graduate from SRM College of engineering, has more than 10 years? experience in the field of architecture and construction with a strong back ground in project management and contracting in a diverse range of projects.
Alex Thomas
Currently shares the principal architect position in VISDA and steering the company through to achieve greater heights. An innate artist and sculptor and a photographer is always inspired to look for more creatively challenging tasks. An astute horticulturist, he has won the prestigious "UDYAN PANDIT" award instituted by Govt of Maharashtra.The drive to get more challenging tasks had him move to Chennai in 2002 and joined with Sachin to form VISDA, after completing 300 odd residential and commercial projects in and around Vidarbh region in Maharashtra.
Monika has over 17 years of architectural industry experience. She has experience working with a global client profile including projects in the US, the UK and Europe, the Middle East and India. Her deep understanding of design has been acquired working directly within client organizations, as well as on projects as an externally appointed consultant. Her international experience includes extensive design experience with leading global architectural design firms in London and in San Francisco. Monika has a Masters in Architecture from Ohio State University, USA and has also done an Executive Education Program in Finance at London Business School.
Monika Kejriwal
Vivek and started VISDA in 2002 and jointly led the company to work on various corporate, non-corporate, residential and mixed use development projects. With a vision to make a frozen music, travelled all across the United states and Europe and documented various architectural masterpieces and uses this experience as an inspiration in the core design philosophy. Currently shares the principal architect position in VISDA and is contributing in building the company in to its next level..
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