Health & Safety

Every body stay Safe

At Innovative Interiors, we are committed to the motto nobody gets hurt. No incidents and no injuries, no matter how seemingly minor. We all have family and friends who care about us and want us to stay safe at work. We take seriously to Keep our employee and our project safe during our work.

The purpose of this procedure is to manage at the project construction stage all Identified hazards and safety risks of
Innovative Interior projects, through proper risk assessment, and to mitigate / control existing and potential safety risks in a
way that eliminates or minimizes the risk of accidents and unsafe conditions. The risks are to be
Communicated to all relevant parties involved at the project with the spirit of Proper control.
Each work activity irrespective of the extent of work shall be assessed for Risk Assessment. A list of work activities within his
scope shall be prepared by Project Manager in order to ensure that all the work activities are identified and the Risk
assessment has to be conducted by the RA Team for each such activity. A Risk Register shall be created based on the
activities list.

Innovative Interiors closely monitor all the safety measures given below.
• Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly raw materials are used with certified brands
• Eco-Green setup followed
• Dust collectors, Health Safety measures, precautions planned and followed
• Safety measures given to Production Team to prevent accidents
• Personal Protective Equipment is mandatory i.e. Helmet, Shoe, Gloves, Safety Belt, mask, Goggles, Ear plug
• Fire extinguisher, First Aid box, Mobile scaffold, led light and barricading tape will be kept wherever necessary in the site.
• Electrical, industrial sockets, cables, welfare facilities are must.
• Safety inspection will be conducted every week. Safety training will be given to all workers every week.
• Third party inspection, Safety net/rope has to be followed.
• Safety day celebration will be conducted. Rewards will be given to best man who follows the safety rule without deviate
the same.
• Safety inspection weekly once.